An investigation into the security features offered by Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition


Welcome to my website for my projects. My project deals with the security of datatabases, these are very important in our everyday lives and it is essential to protect them from unscruplous identity thieves. it is claimed by the Computer Crime and Security Survey that half of the databases in use right now have some security breach on them annually and this costs the companies millions of U.S dollars on annual losses.::Okelitse Nyathi


Basically this project involves various security tests executed on Oracle ranging from low level exploits to high level using PL/SQL (the Oracle version of SQL). The exploits are generated by the researcher of this project and some of them are obtained from well trusted sources in Database Security. The main objective of the project is to find out how Oracle protects against these exploits if ever and then try to come up with solutions to prevent data access by using these exploits in question.


Oracle claims to have four security layers used to protect the data in the database. These are authentication, authorisation, auditing and; data privacy and security. The claim is that an attacker has to overcome each of these layers to obtain data. One of the objectives of this project is to validate the authenticity of this claim

Conclusion: According to the results gathered, the researcher found so many loop holes in the security of Oracle Enterprise Edition Release 2. Read the thesis to find out more!!!!!!!!!!!


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