Cattle Diagnosis System


The aim of this Computer Science Honours project was to develop a web-based expert system capable of diagnosing illnesses in cattle and accessible on mobile devices. Please browse the pages in the menu (top right) to learn more about the project.

The formal title of the project is "A Veterinary Diagnosis Expert System for Remote Use".

Problem Statement

While large-scale farmers have access to veterinary professionals and expert advice, both for the general running of their farms and care of their animals and for the treatment of ill and injured animals, many developing farmers lack the required finances to consult these experts when the need arises. This situation is also true for many people living in rural communities and informal settlements who own a small number of livestock, and for whom these animals represent a significant portion of their wealth. In many instances when an animal belonging to someone in this position is ill, they may be unwilling to consult a vet owing to the cost involved, or may be entirely unable to do so, either as a result of a lack of finances or a lack of veterinarians in the area. An expert system accessible in remote areas capable of diagnosing ailments affecting animals or advising on the necessity of consulting a vet could greatly assist developing farmers and livestock owners. The system could potentially provide a front-line diagnosis and advise the animal's owner on which further steps should be taken. Such a system could also assist in verifying the diagnosis of a vet or provide assistance to a vet in the diagnostic process. Owing to the prospective users of such a system not having access to a personal computer (PC) during the normal course of their working day or while attending to a sick animal, if at all, the system should be designed to be accessible through a simple interface on a mobile phone.