Courseware - Compiler courses at Rhodes University

Follow the links to see the courseware used in the last few years for an introductory undergraduate course in compiler construction based firstly on the text "Compiler and Compiler Generators" and more recently on the text "Compiling with C# and Java", both by Pat Terry, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa .

This material is provided "as is", and no guarantees can be given that it is complete, up to date, or bug free. Indeed, the various links embedded in some of the web pages are likely to be badly broken, pointing as they do to earlier versions of these web pages. it is hoped that the versions of handoouts, problems and solutions in PDF format will be adequate. Additionally, the various tools like Coco/R used in these courses have been modified from year to year, and the versions found by following some of these links may be incompatible with later versions of the same software.