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Compilers and Compiler Generators

an introduction with C++

© P.D. Terry, Rhodes University, 1996

A complete revision of this book, using C# and Java and the versions of Coco/R for those languages, was published by Pearson Education (Addison Wesley) on 5th November 2004 under the title "Compiling with C# and Java" (ISBN 032126360X).

A feature of this book is that it demonstrates the use of Coco/R to implement compilers for the JVM and CLR platforms.

You can view the contents of the freely available "Resource Kit". This contains the preface and table of contents, additional material that does not appear in the published book, the source code for all the case studies, and distributions of Coco/R for C# and Java.

You might also like to view the Pearson Education catalogue entry for this book.

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This site provides an on-line edition of the text and other material from my book "Compilers and Compiler Generators - an introduction with C++", published in 1997 by International Thomson Computer Press. The original edition is now out of print, and the copyright has reverted to me.

The home page for this site, with details of how to download up-to-date compressed versions of the text and its supporting software and courseware can be found at

The text of the book is Copyright © PD Terry. Although you are free to make use of the material for study and academic purposes, please do not redistribute it without my knowledge or permission.

Comments, suggestions and questions to Pat Terry.

Adobe® PDF edition

The text of the book is available for download in PDF format, which will allow you to view and/or print the text with Adobe Acrobat

The complete text of the book was distilled into one PDF file (1MB) by Irwin Oppenheim of the Netherlands, and can be seen or downloaded from this link pdfvers.pdf


The latest versions of the software sources for the book are links shown below.        103 Kb  Minimal Coco/R for C          (Updated 2002)         76 Kb  Minimal Coco/R for Modula-2   (Updated 2002)         65 Kb  Minimal Coco/R for Pascal     (Updated 2002) 93 Kb Files common to all languages (Updated November 1999) 350 Kb C++ specific sources (Updated November 1999) 345 Kb Modula-2 specific sources (Updated November 1999) 312 Kb Pascal specific sources (Updated November 1999) 153 Kb Modula-2 FileIO module (Updated November 1999) Source code for all the case studies
readme.1st 11 Kb Installation and setup instructions

Details of how to install the software can be found in Appendix A.


If you are interested you might also like to visit the WWW pages for a compiler course I give based on my texts, which can be found at

This contains a collection of exercises, tutorials, tests, examinations, and so on. The material is supplied "as is" for external readers, and is a bit of a mixed bag that changes dynamically as the course proceeds. The course is now pased on the later book, but material for the earlier book is still available in my archives.

Complete courseware for the last few years is available from this site on application to the author.

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