L-System Applet


This appet demonstrates a VERY primitive L-System. It allows the user to input an axiom or start state for the system as well as up to 10 productions. The productions at this stage are very simple, the L-system does not handle rules such a stochastic or parametric rules. The rules are in the form of a:bhj which means replace "a" with "bhj". The L-system works on strings.

To use the applet, start by typing in an initial string or axiom in the first text box, then click the "set" button. The axiom of the system appears in the text area on the left and you will now be allowed to enter rules in the appropriate text box. If the rule you entered is not added to the text area on the right, it means that there was either a syntatic error in the rule or the system already has 10 rules.

When you push the iterate button, the productions or rules you have entered up to now are applied to the current state of the L-System and the resulting L-System is appended to the text area on the left.

The reset button returns the applet to its original state.

The syntatic rules for the productions are very simple they are in the form of "y:xx..." where y can be replaced by any letter but only one letter. This must be followed by ":" and after that, any amount of characters you wish y to be replaced by.

Example L-System:

Axiom = c Rule1 = c:b Rule2 = b:cb