A Comparative Investigation and Evaluation of Oracle9i Release 2 ( and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 with respect to Performance and Scalability
Project Proposal
First Presentation
Literature Survey
My Dairy
September Paper
Project Poster
Final Presentation
Project Milstones
Final Thesis
1.Commit to a project First term: end of 3rd week of term (1 week after end of pres course)
2.Formal written proposal completed First term: end of 4th week of term
3.Seminar series (oral presentation of 10 Second Term: Weeks 1-3 incl (Wed)
4.Literature Survey (5-10 pages), abstract (or
introduction and conclusion) of project, and plan of
action all handed in.
Second Term: Monday of swot week
5.Seminar series (oral presentation of 15 mins) Third term: Weeks 1-3 incl
6.Poster Presentations (best go to SATNAC) Third Term: Week 5
7.Draft Paper (5-7 pages) on Project Handed In to
Supervisors for comment.
Fourth Term: Day 1
8.Final paper (5-7 pages) handed in. (2 Prizes: Dept
medal (good for CVs) and R500).
Fourth Term: Week 2 (Mon)
9.First Chapter Drafts of Write Up handed in. (These
should be a fleshing out of the paper).
Fourth Term: Week 3 (Mon)
10.Final Oral Presentations (20 mins max - assessed) Fourth Term: Swot Week
11.Project Hand In. (R1000 prize for the best one). Fourth Term: 7th November


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