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Thesis Title: Developing an Online Learning Environment to Support Previously Disadvantaged Schools in South Africa

Degree: BA (Hons) in Computer Science
Institution: Rhodes University, South Africa

Supervisors: Dr Hannah Thinyane and Ms Ingrid Siebörger

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Overview of research:

My honours project involves research into the state of the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in education in South Africa, as well as research into optimal strategies for structuring and evaluating online educational content. The main focus of the research is the development of a prototype web application, which will contain interactive learning material for the the prescribed poetry for Grade 12 English.

Using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), I am developing the prototype in such a way that it makes it easy for learners to access and explore interactive lessons; and easy for teachers to create such interactive lessons, without requiring any knowledge of the mechanics behind them.

The prototype I am developing will serve as a proof of concept; to show that this kind of system can be used effectively across the school curriculum.

Through this project, I'm trying to achieve two things. Firstly, I'm trying to get quality educational material to those who need it. There are so many good teachers in this country who can prepare solid lessons, and so many learners who struggle because of a lack of learning material. Secondly, I'm trying to make learning (particularly about poetry) interesting, exciting and accessible - by making the process as intuitive and interactive as possible.

Visit http://learnonline.ict.ru.ac.za to see the prototype in action!

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