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Welcome to my project website. I hope you have an enjoyable and informative surf.

What is my project about? The title is a mouthful but it is self explanatory apart from the 4 letters VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol). Have you ever wondered how much communication costs are for tertiary educational institutions? Imagine if it would be possible to interconnect all institutions using readily available technology at a fraction of annual communications costs. Find out more about my project and related issues by reading through information in the following pages:

  1. Project Documents
  2. Project Information
  3. Interesting Information

Here is an excerpt from the abstract in my thesis:

"The sharing of ideas and information comes standard in any area of research. The need for voice communication to do this is relatively high. African universities are no exception to this but the main drawback is that voice communication comes at a price. With the help of the Internet and open source products we may no longer see voice communication costs as an obstacle..."

Last Updated :  11 November, 2007 17:07