Supervisors: Professor Alfredo Terzoli and Mr. Mosiuoa Tsietsi

Convergence of voice, video, and data has led to the development of more complex services that combine different media. Traditional billing frameworks are inadequate for next generation services. In part this is because an application may be composed of different services. Furthermore, the use of different media adds additional complexities to traditional time-based charging. Hence, next generation services require new innovative billing.

Project Aim

  • Develop a billing system to provide billing for Mobicents services
    • The Ericsson charging SDK will be used to develop the proposed MoBill component.
    • The Ericsson charging SDK has a number of tools that allow developers to incorporate charging into their systems.

  • Test the billing system by using Mobicents applications
    • In order to test the billing system, we identify a number of different examples to demonstrate some of the concepts.
    • These examples will be extended to incorporate the proposed MoBill Component.
    • The Ericsson Diameter Emulator is used to emulate a prepaid system consisting of user accounts. The emulator handles and responds to charging requests. The emulator extends our test bed for the billing operations.





  Researcher: Moses T Nkhumeleni