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What my project is about?

The idea behind my project is to program an FPGA device to operate as a packet filter that could compare fields of IP packets to tuples of specified values. Each time a packet matches a rule an associated counter is incremented. When desired the count for each rule is returned via a serial interface.

What are FPGAs?

FPGAs are essentially chips filled with discrete logic circuitry that can be programmed to perform an array of functions.

More information

Below are some links to articles written by people with more knowledge on FPGAs than me:

  • Xilinx - a very large company that actually makes FPGAs.
  • FPGA4Fun - website with lots of information for the layman and some interesting projects.
  • VHDL Online - an online tutorial for the hardware description language VHDL.
  • Verilog tutorial - a tutorial for Verilog, the other option if you don't like VHDL.