This is the homepage of my Computer Science Honours 2012 project. The project is entitled "Controlling distributed audio devices from a 3 dimensional Graphical User Interface (GUI)".

The main component of this project will be driven my Microsoft's .NET Visual C++ platform, along with Google Sketchups 3D interface for the 3D control. The sound control protocol being used is the IEEE 1722.1 AVDECC protocol which is a Link Layer (Layer 2) Ethernet AVB control protocol.

The AVDECC libraries will be incorporated into a Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) application which communicates directly to the Sketchup Ruby API through TCP sockets. The Ruby plugins were written in Notepad++.

This project consists of 4 different fields which are thoroughly examined in the literature review. These are Sound System Control Protocols, Graphical Sound Installation, Google Sketchup, and C++/Ruby Socket Programming.

Myself with fellow classmate Jethro Le Roux (left) and Emeritus Professor, Professor Patrick Terry (middle)

Project Supervisor

Professor Richard Foss

Head of Department - Computer Science

Rhodes University