Fiducial Marker Navigation for Mobile Robots
Rhodes University - Honours Project 2012
Investigation by Luke Ross
Supervised by Dr. Karen Bradshaw


Project Overview

Regarding mobile robots, navigation using fiducial markers has already been achieved and obstacle avoidance using search algorithms is common. However, the combination of these two ideas is relatively uncommon, and therefore, is the focus of this research project.

The aim of this project is to design and implement a system that allows for the navigation of the WifibotLab Lidar mobile robot in open and busy environments using a fiducial marker. This is achieved by using ArUco to detect this marker with a motorized web camera, and the A* search algorithm repeatedly to calculate optimal paths from the robot to the marker, avoiding obstacles detected by the robot's LIDAR sensor. The system is implemented in C++ and executed on the robot itself. Thus the robot performs autonomously.