My Diary


We had presentations today updating others on the status of our project. The presentations went well and I hope the implementation stage will not be very challenging.


Now that the system is implemented what next? I am running Moodle version 1.9 for my project since the original idea was to integrate the proposed social networking site with RUconnected which is also running moodle 1.9. But since it did not work out that I integrate the SNS with RUconnected of Rhodes University, I am thinking of upgrading the Moodle version to the latest version. The reason being that, with version of Moodle from 2.0, users can export their work from RUconnected (Moodle) to Mahara (the social networking site). This is not possible with Moodle version 1.9. The work has to begin today to upgrade my Moodle. I hope I will not bread the system. Anyway, I have a test server which I can use before applying the changes to the live environment. My thoughts are that since I did


The hand-in date for the short paper is fast approaching. I need to start writing the short paper now. If I have to wait until the last minute, I will end up not doing good work. Starting things early really helps. I saw this when doing literature review. I did no panic because I started writing earlier.


The students started using the integrated Moodle/Mahara system yesterday. Unfortunately there is one big limitation. With the current implementation, it will only be accessible on the campus. This will limit the use of the component of social networking. A social network should be available from anywhere and from any platform to allow maximum user interaction.


I am having challenges with my project which I did not consider in the first place. The project is only accessible through the campus network which is making the usability of the system to be low. This has to be sorted out soon.


The problem of system accessibility has now been solved. The system was initially accessed on Now it also has an easy to remember link which is in addition to the old link.


Many students are requesting a reset of their passwords every time course materials are uploaded on the test system or during pracs. The students are also having chalenges learning how to use Mahara. This should tell me something about the study worthy reporting during my write-up.


Having close the questionnaire, I am seriously looking at data analysis. The questionniare module of Moodle plots well the results of the data collection. This will possibly make my life simple.