Meetings with my Supervisor


I had a meeting with my supervisor today in preparation of the presentations tomorrow. She has said that I need to include slides showing the integrated system for others to confirm what I will be presenting. Thats indeed a good point. I need to revise my slides now.


The questionnaire and ethics documents are now ready. Had a meeting with the supervisor today and look at them before submitting to Caro. I hope I will be able to cactch up with time since the course I am targeting to use in the implementation of my project is starting on Monday.


After running the questionnaire for 10 days now, my supervisor has asked me to close it now during the meeting we had today where she gave me the comments on my draft short paper. Since I still have some things to do on the short paper I will close it tomorrow.


After closing the questionnaire today, I had the meeting with the supervisor today looking at the pattern of responses. Knowing that the feedback on the use of the integrated system was not positive, I was afraid of meeting her. We always believe of getting positive results. But the way she interpreted the results has convinced me that our study results are valid. We should not get worried of the outcome of the results. We just have to know how to interpret the results.


Had a meeting todat looking at my draft thesis. Have received a good feedback that it is floeing very well. We will be meeting every 2 days now. I am not worried of the deadline for the thesis because I know with the progress I am making I will beat it.


Had a fruitful but short meeting today. Did not last more than 5 minutes so not much wring today


Meeting postponed to Monday next week. The supervisor has however gave me written feedback through email.


Had a feedback meeting today after the presentations. Did not record the last meetings because they were usually short and did not create much to write about. One thing the supervisor had told me is to beef up on the details of my implementation. Have to do that the soonest. I also have to rework my conclusion. My results show that the study did not receive a positive feedback, yet my conclusion is on the positive. I have to balance the two to make sense.
There were two comments from staff during the presentations which were critical. The assumption that the use of social networking would always result in positive learning experience and the use of social networking formally rather than informally. These two comments need to be considered in my write-up.