Project proposal

This study is aimed at investigating the educational value of integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Social Networking Site (SNS). A LMS, Moodle, and a SNS, Mahara, will be used during the study. The study was prompted by the observation that LMSs are limited in their functionality to be able to support different learning styles. For example, it is difficult for LMSs to support informal learning which happens through interactions. LMSs are designed mainly to support the management of courses and distribution of course materials. Little or no support is provided for LMSs to support peer learning which happen through interaction. On the other hand, SNSs support well the interaction of users online. It is therefore expected that integrating a LMS and a SNS will help to solve the limitations of LMSs and learners will be able to interact online for both academic and non-academic maters. The objectives of the study are to investigate the following:

  1. the feasibility of integrating a LMS and a SNS using Moodle and Mahara
  2. a variety of virtual leanrning functions offered by SNSs (using Mahara) and how they can promote learning
  3. the pedagogical benefits of integrating a LMS and a SNS

The study will use a survey approach where a questionnaire will be used to collect the opinions of the students after using the integrated system for a certain period. For complete details of the project proposal, please download it here Project Proposal document